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15/11/11 - Contractor health and safety fines rise by 22 per cent

Contractors were fined a total of £3.4 million for health and safety breaches last year, an increase of 22 per cent on the previous year.  more info

02/11/11 - CITB-ConstructionSkills Welcomes Fresh Scheme

CITB-ConstructionSkills has welcomed the announcement from the Skills Funding Agency that it will trial a new scheme that will reward colleges and training providers if they secure employment for young people and can meet the skills needs of local employers.  more info

02/11/11 - Director defies FMB wishes to attend CSCS meeting

The ongoing power struggle between Construction Skills Certification Scheme directors “descended into farce” last week as one board member defied his own organisation over the issue.  more info

03/10/11 - Woman Loses Top of Finger Climbing Over School Fence

A WOMAN was taken to hospital after trying to climb a fence surrounding St Gregorys High School, Cromwell Avenue, Warrington.  more info

18/09/11 - Hand Arm Vibration Testing - Avoiding Injury In The Workplace

People who work with vibrating tools for example impact wrenches, jackhammers and the like risk injury to their hands.  more info

05/09/11 - Board vote fails to quell CSCS row

The ConstructionSkills Certification Scheme has been thrown into disarray following the failed ousting of chairman Trevor Walker.  more info

17/08/11 - Girl, 11, impaled on metal fence

A schoolgirl miraculously survived being impaled on a metal spike for two hours after she fell from a tree.  more info

14/08/11 - Construction Must 'Act On Skin Cancer'

Construction union UCATT are calling on the construction industry to take decisive action to ensure that the risk of construction workers developing skin cancer is dramatically reduced.  more info

06/07/11 - Number Of Construction Workers Killed Increases

New official statistics published today show the number of workers killed in the construction industry last year has increased.  more info

06/07/11 - Cornwall Timber Firm Fined After Saw Injury

A teenage worker severed part of his hand while operating a vertical panel saw on which he had received little training, a court heard.  more info

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