WPA launches new brand identity, domain and website

2nd October 2019

The Wood Protection Association have announced the relaunch of the WPA under a distinctive new brand identity, a new domain and a new website: www.thewpa.org.uk

Their new website is packed with practical information about the benefits of wood protection technology as well detailed guidance about the different products and processes available; how to specify them correctly and how to ensure they are fit for purpose.

To reflect the growing importance that quality approval schemes play in the future of our industry they have taken the opportunity to rebrand all WPA BenchmarkTM schemes in a single cohesive style. Lists of WPA BenchmarkTM quality approved products, treaters and product distributors are a key feature of their new website. BWF (British Woodworking Federation) is listed on the website as a linked organisation.

PLEASE NOTE: The WPA team have new e-mail addresses
Our new domain name ‘thewpa.org.uk’ means that the WPA team now have new e-mail addresses. The old ‘wood-protection.org’ domain will be discontinued shortly.