Stop! Think before you dig!

12th November 2018


Builders, excavation and construction trades and are being reminded of the risks associated with underground electricity service cables as part of the Be Bright Stay Safe campaign by UK's biggest electricity distribution company, UK Power Networks.

You could be in danger when carrying out everyday trade activities such as drilling, digging, construction and demolition and the campaign urges trades people to contact UK Power Networks in advance of the works to obtain cable plans or to request disconnections.

Emma Palmer, education and engagement advisor said:
''Underground cables carry a powerful electrical charge which can be conducted through machinery and equipment. A moment's loss of concentration can result in accidental contact with electricity, which can result in serious injury or death. Image the impact this would have on family and colleagues.''

Emma gave some guidelines to follow to help keep everyone safe:

''You should treat all cables as live, so ensure cable plans and obtained, shown to and understood by those on site BEFORE starting work.''
• The depth and location of cables and services shown on the plans may have changed because of subsequent site alterations
• Not all cables and services may be shown on the plans
• Cables do not run in straight lines. Underground cables may be deflected around obstacles and can change depth
• Confirm the cable location by using a Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT)
• The cable plans will only show the indicative route and not the route into the property