EFIA Extraordinary Meeting of Members - Proposed Merger with FCA

11th October 2016

EFIA is holding an Extraordinary Meeting of Members on 26th October 2016 at Lantra 11:30am, to give members the opportunity to vote on a proposed merger between FCA and EFIA.

Following the departure of the FCA's former Chair earlier this year, the new FCA management opened the door to discussions between the two associations exploring ways in which they could better serve the industry as co-operating partners. During the course of a number of recent meetings it gradually became apparent that both associations had the same aims, many of the same members, and were each committing resources to developing similar initiatives and services for membership.

Rather than working in isolation duplicating effort in support of the same goals, it seemed logical to consider pooling the resources of each into one single body which would have the benefit of cost efficiencies and increased resources. As the single representative voice for the fencing industry, a unified association would be a strong and effective force for engaging with government, stakeholders and the external marketplace, and be the 'Go to' resource for the development and benefit of companies within.

EFIA and FCA's directors unanimously support the proposal to merge, although this change can only take place with the support of their members. This is why they are asking their members to decide on the future of the industry at their EGMs, both being held simultaneously at Lantra at 11:30am on Wednesday, 26th October 2016.

If a member is unable to attend the EGM, they can vote in advance by filling in and returning the Proxy Form which can be downloaded HERE.

EFIA will be sharing a stand at Fencex next week on 12th October 2016 with their proposed new colleagues from FCA. if members have any questions or simply want to know more about the proposal then they are invited to come to our stand to have a chat. Alternatively members can contact us through the EFIA office by telephone 01873 880784 or Email info@efia.co.uk.

EFIA Chairman

Bernard J KilBride