EFIA Releases new Guide to Information Security for its members

17th May 2016

All businesses are the custodians of their customers', suppliers' and employees' personal and commercially sensitive information, and they bear a commercial and legal duty to treat that infiormation responsibly, i.e. to protect it from unauthorised access and compromise. 

In today's inter-connected world by far the greatest threat comes from hackers using the internet. Cyber crime has become more lucrative than traditional crime, and cyber-criminals are highly-skilled, numerous, and aggressively looking for vulnerable victims.

You may think that your business is too small to be of interest to a hacker. In fact the opposite is true, small businesses in particular are being targetted due to their perceived lack of cyber awareness and security. You may think that there is nothing on your systems worth stealing, but what about your customer's systems? Perhaps you work for local authorities, government agencies, utilities, secure establishments. What if hackers used your systems as a 'backdoor' to get to one of your customers?

How many of your customers would buy from you, or suppliers supply you, or employees work for you if they thought that their private and commercial information was being compromised on your systems.

EFIA's  Introduction to Cyber Security provides low or no cost solutions to enable its members to begin implementing cyber security measures and protect themselves from this growing threat.