Construction Firm Fined After Barrier Falls On Top Of Pram

24th October 2014

A construction firm has been fined £4,000 after a barrier was blown on top of a pram injuring an 18-week-old baby.

The court heard the baby's mother parked the pram near to the barriers with her 13-year-old daughter, standing next to it. As she walked to the cash machine she heard her daughter scream. She turned and saw a barrier with banner attached had fallen on top of the pram hood, which had collapsed on the baby. They tried to lift the barrier off the pram and a passer-by came to their assistance.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that contrary to manufacturer's instructions, the barriers had not been filled with water to ensure stability and the barriers next to the cash machines had not been locked together.

Inspectors also discovered that the previous month, high winds had caused the barriers to fall over and the site manger had ordered the removal of the banners. Concrete blocks were then placed at the base of the barriers but they were not filled with water.