How To Avoid Bad Builders And Bad Customers

29th March 2012

Let's face it; there are good and bad builders and customers alike. Yet everyone can protect themselves from the disreputable ones by using the JCT Home Owner contract for peace of mind and legal protection.

The JCT Home Owner Building Contract only costs £22.50 and is a simple four page document, written in plain English. The government commissioned the JCT to create a contract to cover home owners having building work such as extensions and alterations, or repairs done to their homes and it has the "Crystal mark" for plain English, so it is easy to understand by all parties.

The contract covers all the basic details required and is legally binding in the courts. There are two copies of the contract in each pack, one copy for the householder and one for the builder.

By using the JCT Home Owner Contract, builders and home owners can protect themselves from the unreliable, cheating and downright fraudulent types, whether they are the builder, or the homeowner looking to cheat on the payment.

Many customers do not fully understand the problems involved in carrying out repairs, or alterations and the unforeseen difficulties that can come to light as work progresses. Customers are also prone to ask for extra work to be done, which they will be unwilling to pay for at the end.

Neither party should be afraid, or unwilling to use this contract. Those that won't, you are probably best avoiding.

So for peace of mind all round for both parties, the best and safest option is to use the JCT Home Owner Building Contract.

JCT Home Owner Building Contract (HOB)

ISBN: 9780414041714

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

List Price: £22.50 inc. VAT